FeelingBetterNow® is unlike any online mental health program you've seen before.

FeelingBetterNow® helps your employees confidentially identify mental health issues early and take immediate action, allowing them to stay healthy and productive at work. 

FBN's DSM-5 assessment connects individuals to a personalized and immediate action plan for self-help or collaborative care with a counsellor, psychologist, or physician. It works seamlessly with your existing benefits and disability management programs.

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FeelingBetterNow® is an innovative and award-winning mental health management program, available 24/7 online and on mobile.

Mental health conditions account for approximately 30 per cent of short and long term disability claims. FeelingBetterNow®'s award-winning approach to mental health management has been developed by leading health care professionals to assist organizations in helping employees maintain their mental well-being.

The College of Family Physicians of Canada has reviewed and approved FeelingBetterNow® as a practice management tool available to assist family physicians in patient care.

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Our customization makes you feel FBN was designed for your organization.

  • Flexible design allows you to white-label FBN with your organization's logo, brand and images.
  • Built-in Incentives allow you to implement proven methods to drive employee participation in wellness initiatives at your organization.
  • Immediate Action Plan displays and highlights your existing wellness, EAP and prevention initiatives and contacts.
  • Detailed Analytics gives you access to a wealth of data around program utilization, promotional effectiveness, STD/LTD duration, productivity loss and more!
SSQ Life Insurance Company

"SSQ, Life Insurance Company Inc. has partnered with Mensante to provide FeelingBetterNow® services since 2012. Based on our experience and client feedback, we believe that this is a service that has positively impacted our clients and insureds. Insureds are able to confidentially assess their current mental health and obtain an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan from their doctors earlier than they otherwise be able to. Mensante has been an excellent partner and we are pleased to be working with them on the valuable service that they offer."

Blair MacIntyre, Regional Vice President
SSQ Life Insurance Company

More Success Stories

FeelingBetterNow® has proven its value to organizations since 2006.

In 2009 market research leader IDC named Mensante Corporation one of the Top 10 Healthcare companies to watch. And they were right!

FeelingBetterNow® customers include:

  • The Ontario Teachers Insurance Plan
  • SSQ Financial Group
  • Toronto Dominion Bank
  • Equitable Life
  • 17 Universities and Colleges across Canada
  • Benefits by Design
  • 32 Hospitals and Clinics across Canada

FeelingBetterNow® is trusted by organizations across Canada.