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FeelingBetterNow(R) partners with Forces & Families to support military veterans and their families

  • Toronto, Canada
Mensante Corporation is pleased to announce a partnership with Forces and Families (www.forcesandfamilies.ca), to provide FeelingBetterNow(R) as part of its Canadian Armed Forces and Veterans Family Health and Mental Wellness Outreach Program. With FBN, individuals can confidentially assess their mental wellness (health) on their PC or mobile device and find out if they are at risk for conditions such as depression, anxiety, PTSD or other debilitating mental health problems. FBN identifies risk levels and creates an immediate, personalized and downloadable action plan that can be shared with a care provider to collaboratively develop a path to wellness. FBN also helps individuals find a family doctor in their province, or a 24/7 mental health crisis hotline in their locality.
Additionally, FeelingBetterNow® offers a wealth of self-care tools that can help individuals practice good mental health. This includes fun and engaging mobile apps for stress reduction, online therapy options and PDF workbooks that can help manage symptoms. FeelingBetterNow® has been developed by Mensante Corporation, and is currently available to over a million Canadians through their employers.
In 2016 Forces & Families will be bringing FeelingBetterNow® to organizations nationwide whether they be military or civilian in its ongoing efforts to positively impact the lives of all Canadians who are affected by mental wellness challenges at home and in their place of work.

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